Top 10 Japanese Voice Actors

おはよう、お元気ですか? You know I was just thinking that it’s really not fair all of my favorite voice actor lists so far have only included English speaking VAs. After all, I’d say that most of the shows I watch are actually with the Japanese dubbing. So here’s a list of some of my favorite Japanese voice actors! And remember, the order of my lists aren’t especially … Continue reading Top 10 Japanese Voice Actors

Anime Review: Cowboy Bebop

*DUNA DUNA DUNA DUNA DUN DUN* I THINK IT’S TIME WE BLOW THIS SCENE GET EVERYBODY AND THEIR STUFF TOGETHER OKAY 3..2..1 LET’S JAM! WARNING: THIS POST WILL CONTAIN PLOT SPOILERS FOR A 19 YEAR OLD ANIME YOU REALLY SHOULD’VE SEEN ALREADY. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. How’s it going everybody? Enjoying this beautiful Tuesday afternoon? Hopefully you’ve got the same sun-shining day I’ve got here, because … Continue reading Anime Review: Cowboy Bebop