Anime Review: Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai (I don’t have many friends)

First things first if you find yourself wanting to watch this show, be very careful of where you watch. I don't just mean your physical location, though that's certainly a factor, but the source you're watching from as well. I found out you might get more than you bargained for if you accidentally stumbled upon [...]


Update: Kings Game Episode 6

I am so done with this show... but I'll probably continue watching. “Revolt (Counter | Oppress)” This week we approach the end of Nobuaki's first King's Game in which someone must roll a die and name the respective number of people to die, roller included. After a predictable feud breaks out, Nobuaki's best friend, Naoya, [...]

TV Review: Master of None (Season 2)

Nothing but spoilers ahead! After all this time we finally have the second season of Master of None available on Netflix! I've enjoyed most of Aziz Ansari's work, except maybe his role in the last season of Scrubs, and I remember binging the first season of Master of None like there was no tomorrow. Season [...]

Putin Can Go F*ck Himself – DRP #2

Here it is (finally)! The second episode of the DeviantRED Podcast where I talk about National Beer Day, the new Ghost in the Shell movie, Boruto, the second seasons of Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia, and what's going on in Syria right now. Get's pretty heavy, so be warned. You can check out the podcast [...]

DeviantRED Podcast: I Gotta Get In There!

It's finally here! The first actual episode of The DeviantRED Podcast or DRP (pronounced derp) for short. After a handful of test episodes I figured it was time to start giving these things titles and putting out the episodes I think sound alright. The current plan is to release every Wednesday and Friday as life [...]