Anime Review: Your lie in April

This show had a pretty quick turnaround from my first impressions post earlier last week, but I got a little caught up in it and couldn't stop watching. It reminded me of Kids on the Slope from time to time as well as shows like Clannad, Anohana and Angel Beats. I didn't necessarily go into [...]


First Impressions: Your lie in April

So I've just finished the first episode, Monotone/Colorful, and I really think I'm going to like this show. It did a great job of exploring most of the main characters, as well as an information dump that was just manageable. We're introduced to Kousei, Tsubaki, Watari and Kaori, our four main protagonists (I assume). They all [...]

Manga Review: Nisekoi (False Love)

What's this? A manga review? Well that's new isn't it? I don't believe I've ever reviewed a manga before. Or finished one for that matter. But this is a special occasion as I've officially read all 229 chapters of Nisekoi! It's been a pretty funny journey over the past couple of years. I was introduced [...]

Episode Updates!

It sure is getting confusing trying to schedule these things out! But I know if I don't I'll have days where I don't post anything, and I really don't want that. *sigh* Maybe I'll start scheduling the "list" type posts out and try to get these more date-able posts out sooner? Recovery of an MMO [...]

Episode Updates! (aka got a Crunchyroll premium account!)

Like the title says, I finally renewed my Crunchyroll premium account so that I can stay up to date on all the shows I'm watching. Figured it would be good to support the industry we all love so much, and maybe keep these posts a little more current. And while I'll be posting some pretty [...]

Top 5 Servants in Anime

Well this is a weird list right? But if anime didn't have so many bad ass servants in it something like this wouldn't even need to exist! But instead, it's a common enough thing that it should have its own genre. Wait.. does it have its own genre? *intense internet searching* Well I'm not seeing [...]

Anime Review: The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star

I just watched the first three episodes of The Ancient Magus' Bride which forms a prelude to the rest of the show. It's titled "Those Awaiting a Star", and tells the story of our protagonist Hatori Chise as a young girl who can see spirits. It's a touching story that could honestly be a standalone work. [...]