Music Review: 打首獄門同好会 (Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai)

I found this band during my search for Japanese bands with basic lyrics that I could hope to understand. Imagine my luck when I found this gem. 打首獄門同好会, also known as Prison Fighting Club, or Beheaded Prison Club (I’m not a translator), is a three member band consisting of lead singer and guitarist Osawa Atsushi, drummer and vocalist Kamimoto Asuka, and bass and vocalist Junko. So … Continue reading Music Review: 打首獄門同好会 (Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai)

Light Novel Review – Hitagi Buffet (Monogatari Short Stories)

BAKEMONOGATARI ANIME COMPLETE GUIDEBOOK 27 October 2010 What’s up everybody!? Now I don’t know if you enjoy Monogatari like I do (hell sometimes I still question my love for the series), but I mentioned recently some fans over on Reddit recently translated a collection of short stories for the series and made it free to download! (Link Here) if you’d like to snag it for … Continue reading Light Novel Review – Hitagi Buffet (Monogatari Short Stories)

「君の名は。」Your Name. Review

I thought about calling this review, “I Finally Watched Your Name. and You Should Too!”, but analytics are telling me you guys prefer the shorter, more reasonable, titles. And well who am I to argue with highly intelligent robot statistics? Wait what was I talking about? Oh right, the hit anime movie by Makoto Shinkai that came out a few years ago, Kimi no Na wa., or … Continue reading 「君の名は。」Your Name. Review

Music Review: Gorillaz

(Before you begin, I’ve thrown up a Twitter poll asking you who your favorite member of Gorillaz is! I’d appreciate it if you checked it out here!) We’ve all listened to their music at one point or another. Maybe you’re only familiar with old hits like Clint Eastwood and Feel Good Inc, or maybe you’ve been following the virtual band’s backstory since day one? Either … Continue reading Music Review: Gorillaz

Million Yen Women

(100万円の女たち 100 Manen no Onna-tachi) I recently mentioned that I’ve been diving back into my Japanese studies, and as part of that I’ve been trying to find creative ways of learning to keep things fun. One such way has been to cut back on the anime and watch more live-action series such as those on Netflix. I recently watched the Erased adaptation, but honestly found it … Continue reading Million Yen Women

Anime Review: Megalo Box

Megalo Box (メガロボクス Megaro Bokusu) is a 2018 anime television series created in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the manga Ashita no Joe. It is produced by the studio TMS Entertainment, who also produced the second Ashita no Joe anime in 1980. The head of production is director Yō Moriyama, working with screenwriters Katsuhiko Manabe and Kensaku Kojima, with music composed by hip-hop artist Mabanua. The series is simulcast on Crunchyroll. The series was licensed by Viz Media for an … Continue reading Anime Review: Megalo Box

The Monogatari Series vs Bunny Girl Senpai

With Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai approaching the end of it’s run, I figured now would be a good time to write up my thoughts on it, as well as its striking similarities with the ever-so-popular Monogatari series. (Also side note for you Monogatari fans: If you haven’t already heard, you can download the fan-translated Short Stories Book on the r/Araragi subreddit in the … Continue reading The Monogatari Series vs Bunny Girl Senpai