Rooster Teeth Community 10 Year Anniversary

December 28th, 2007 I begin a journey into the world of the Rooster Teeth community, and I haven't looked back since. Well I mean I guess I have... A lot actually. Wait this isn't how this was supposed to go. First, let me explain a little bit about what Rooster Teeth is all about. They're … Continue reading Rooster Teeth Community 10 Year Anniversary


Personal Update

You may have caught this in my Barakamon post yesterday, but I've kinda stretched myself thin lately, and am having trouble keeping up with everything I need to stay on top of. Mainly class work as finals are coming up and I have a butt-load of sociology papers to write. That and the ever-looming threat … Continue reading Personal Update


If you decided to check out this post because of the Japanese above, I certainly hope you understood it because I'm looking for anyone who can help me advance my Japanese! It's shameful really that I've had years of classes, but have let my brain turn to mush with lack of practice. As someone who's … Continue reading あなたは日本語を話せますか?