Million Yen Women

(100万円の女たち 100 Manen no Onna-tachi) I recently mentioned that I’ve been diving back into my Japanese studies, and as part of that I’ve been trying to find creative ways of learning to keep things fun. One such way has been to cut back on the anime and watch more live-action series such as those on Netflix. I recently watched the Erased adaptation, but honestly found it … Continue reading Million Yen Women

TV Review: Master of None (Season 2)

Nothing but spoilers ahead! After all this time we finally have the second season of Master of None available on Netflix! I’ve enjoyed most of Aziz Ansari’s work, except maybe his role in the last season of Scrubs, and I remember binging the first season of Master of None like there was no tomorrow. Season two is quite possibly better than the first, and starts … Continue reading TV Review: Master of None (Season 2)