Kōan 35: Just Go to Sleep

Gasan was sitting at the bedside of Tekisui three days before his teacher’s passing. Tekisui had already chosen him as his successor. A temple recently had burned and Gasan was busy rebuilding the structure. Tekisui asked him: “What are you going to do when you get the temple rebuilt?” “When your sickness is over we want you to speak there,” said Gasan. “Suppose I do … Continue reading Kōan 35: Just Go to Sleep

Kōan 32: Inch Time Foot Gem

A lord asked Takuan, a Zen teacher, to suggest how he might pass the time. He felt his days very long attending his office and sitting stiffly to receive the homage of others. Takuan wrote eight Chinese characters and gave them to the man: Not twice this day Inch time foot gem.This day will not come again. Each minute is worth a priceless gem. Recently … Continue reading Kōan 32: Inch Time Foot Gem