Anime Review: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Featured Image from SteamyTomato or maybe JWALL? Also just noticed the Funhaus logo on the mug ^_^ What a sweet and fun series! No wonder I finished all 13 episodes in less than 24 hours! I briefly mentioned yesterday in my First Impressions post, but I only really started this series because I saw a cosplay by Jessica … Continue reading Anime Review: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Anime Review: Elfen Lied

I just finished this series and to be perfectly honest I don't know how I feel about it. I don't hate it, but it was pretty f*cked up the entire way through. I'm going to try something a little different and not spoil too much with this review. However I should warn you now this … Continue reading Anime Review: Elfen Lied

First Impressions: Elfen Lied

I've honestly wanted to watch this anime for several years now, but for some reason never got around to it. I've heard it's a pretty critically acclaimed horror series, but aside from that knew nothing going into it. The series' title is German as well as Dutch for "Elves' Song" or more formally "song of … Continue reading First Impressions: Elfen Lied

Anime Review: Your lie in April

This show had a pretty quick turnaround from my first impressions post earlier last week, but I got a little caught up in it and couldn't stop watching. It reminded me of Kids on the Slope from time to time as well as shows like Clannad, Anohana and Angel Beats. I didn't necessarily go into … Continue reading Anime Review: Your lie in April

Update: King’s Game Episode 7

Eternity (Forever | Dread) Whew! I really thought last week's episode was going to do me in for this show, but here we are back again! This week I'm trying to go in fresh, and for the first time noticed how much I like the OP. Good ole 90s' alternative rock style to it! First … Continue reading Update: King’s Game Episode 7

First Impressions: Kings Game

What have I gotten myself into? Kanazawa Nobuaki has transferred to a high school far from where he used to live. Due to an incident at his old school, Nobuaki is afraid of getting close to his new classmates and keeps himself at a distance, but he starts opening up because of a sports day … Continue reading First Impressions: Kings Game

Anime Review: Hellsing Ultimate

Just a heads up before the review, if you haven't checked out my reviews of either Hellsing (2007) or Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, I'd highly recommend them! Now then. WARNING: INTENSE BLOOD AND GORE SURROUND THIS SERIES. ALSO SPOILERS. Hellsing is named after and centered around the Royal Order of Protestant Knights originally led by Abraham Van Helsing. … Continue reading Anime Review: Hellsing Ultimate