Just posted a few more songs I felt like sharing. what_up.son is my dog Mako and I going for a run. Well he’s running, I’m letting him pull me on the long board. Sorry for making you stare at my dog’s @sshole ^_^ party_at_kame_house.dbz was originally supposed to be a more chill beat, but things got a little out of hand. Hope you enjoy! Advertisements Continue reading what_up.son/party_at_kame_house.dbz

So I’m dabbling in music now

For the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with different music apps and whatnot, and I’ve finally made a few tracks I felt comfortable sharing. I also went ahead and put them up on YouTube with little anime/game gifs attached for a little flair. I’m considering putting them up on SoundCloud as well, but I’d like to know what people think about them first. This … Continue reading So I’m dabbling in music now