Music Review: 打首獄門同好会 (Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai)

I found this band during my search for Japanese bands with basic lyrics that I could hope to understand. Imagine my luck when I found this gem. 打首獄門同好会, also known as Prison Fighting Club, or Beheaded Prison Club (I’m not a translator), is a three member band consisting of lead singer and guitarist Osawa Atsushi, drummer and vocalist Kamimoto Asuka, and bass and vocalist Junko. So … Continue reading Music Review: 打首獄門同好会 (Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai)

How I’m learning Japanese!

みなさん、こんにちは! It’s been a while since I wrote about this, but I’ve been diligently keeping up my Japanese studies. And while I’m still far from fluent, my current self-study methods have helped me dramatically, and I wanted to share them with you. So without further ado, Anki (website) Anki is a free and open-source spaced repetition flashcard program. “Anki” (暗記) is the Japanese word for “memorization”. The SM2 algorithm, created for SuperMemo in the … Continue reading How I’m learning Japanese!


If you decided to check out this post because of the Japanese above, I certainly hope you understood it because I’m looking for anyone who can help me advance my Japanese! It’s shameful really that I’ve had years of classes, but have let my brain turn to mush with lack of practice. As someone who’s desired to be fluent in the language since childhood it’s … Continue reading あなたは日本語を話せますか?