Weekly Wrap 1/5/19

This week has been especially interesting for me now that I’m getting used to my new job. I’m actually working in a casino, and it’s been a mix of stress-filled and entertaining with a hint of total exhaustion. Fortunately as things become more familiar to me it’s also becoming somewhat enjoyable. But as far as posts have gone this week Things started off with a … Continue reading Weekly Wrap 1/5/19

LN Review: Nadeko Pool (Monogatari Short Stories)

…. sigh. Alright I said Wednesday that I’d give this chapter a fair chance, but did it have to involve a swimsuit? Come on Araragi, I thought we covered this in Hachikuji’s chapter. Ehh who am I kidding? It’s Monogatari. Now if you’re familiar with the Monogatari anime (which I imagine you are if you’re reading this) you may have already guessed where this chapter … Continue reading LN Review: Nadeko Pool (Monogatari Short Stories)

LN Review: Sugura Court (Monogatari Short Stories)

I finally started posting individualized headers for these chapters! Free storage space be damned! And just in time for the debut of everyone’s favorite lewd devil-armed athlete. Sugura Court of course is Kanbaru’s first chapter in this series of short stories, and details the “revenge match” between her and Araragi. Things begin with a surprisingly lengthy misunderstanding, as Araragi decided to challenge Kanbaru via handwritten … Continue reading LN Review: Sugura Court (Monogatari Short Stories)

Happy New Year!

<Insert generic text about resolutions and reminding people to get a DD or Uber> We’re wrapping up another year, and while 2018 was a pretty fantastic year for anime it was a pretty rough year in many other regards. Personal issues aside, losing Stan Lee and Stephen Hawking this year was especially shitty. However I also managed to finally graduate college this year, and I … Continue reading Happy New Year!

LN Review: Mayoi Room (Monogatari Short Stories)

BAKEMONOGATARI ANIME COMPLETE GUIDEBOOK 27 October 2010 That’s right! This week we’re covering a story about the loli that Araragi refuses not to lewd!… well one of them I suppose. It’s everyone’s favorite Hachikuji! Now there’s two reasons I really appreciate this story. The first is of course the classic wordplay between Hachikuji and Araragi that actually helps improve my own Japanese. The second, and … Continue reading LN Review: Mayoi Room (Monogatari Short Stories)

Anime Review: She and Her Cat: Their Standing Points

After watching Your Name., I knew I needed to go through its creator, Makoto Shinkai’s backlog of films. There’s a handy list of MAL of 10 of his films that I decided to check out first, and the first on the list I’ve watched is 彼女と彼女の猫 or She and Her Cat: Their Standing Points. It’s a short, black and white, animation with a runtime of … Continue reading Anime Review: She and Her Cat: Their Standing Points

Weekly Wrap 12/29/18

This week slowed down a bit with the holidays, but I still managed to make 6 ~~solid~~ posts if you count the Merry Christmas wishes! First off I finally reviewed Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.), which I absolutely adored. You can definitely expect more reviews of Makoto Shinkai movies in the future! I also really enjoyed reviewing this one, and think it’s probably one … Continue reading Weekly Wrap 12/29/18