I make online content. I never said it was good… just that it’s there. It’s an obsession that started many years ago and has yet to subside. Currently working on the DeviantRED podcast, revamping the YouTube channel, and possibly getting into Twitch streaming.

Why DeviantRED? Because I make the kind of content that I like. Something that deviates from the norm and shares characteristics with the color red. Red is the color of passion, love, fire and energy. It’s the most lively color and my personal favorite.

I love games, online videos, philosophy, and stories that explore the dark side of human nature. I have trouble concentrating so I can’t quote Ralph Waldo Emerson to you, but I can tell you what the man was about. I obsess over psychological principles, but couldn’t diagnose your specific kind of crazy. And finally I’m terrified of the very success that I crave.

Now if all that hasn’t scared you away, I welcome you to the site and hope you find it entertaining!


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