LN Review: Tsubasa Song (Monogatari Short Stories)

It seems this time we’ve got a chapter about Hanekawa. I’m sure there are a lot of fans out there who’ve been waiting for this one!

Well it all begins at the Koyomi household where Araragi receives a text from Hanekawa asking him to go out on a date (his words, not mine). And surprise surprise, she invited him to karaoke which I recently learned actually means “empty orchestra” in Japanese. She rushes them insides and asks for three hours in a booth for the two of them. Araragi notices that Hanekawa is really into singing karaoke and feels nervous to sing in front of her. Hanekawa, however, doesn’t seem to mind, and even continues to sing in his place. And so for the entire three hours, Hanekawa sang and Araragi listened. Araragi did interrupt her once for a chance to talk. He comments on how impressed he is with her singing and asks how often she comes to sing. Only to learn that it’s actually her first time. She also got perfect scores on all the songs she sang, and had all of the lyrics memorized so she didn’t even need to look at the screen.

“I’m not trying to find fault in you, but why can’t you be normal even at karaoke?”

After I said that, I sighed and fell silent.
Why can’t she be normal.
As a matter of fact, for Hanekawa, that was a serious worry she had,

and that’s why, as a result, it was twice that a cat had rampaged—on Golden Week and just a couple of days ago, twice that nothing could be done to stop the story of the cat from occurring.

Personally I would have thought this line of questioning alone would have been able to bring out the cat. Maybe in the past it would have. But she takes it in stride, and even points out that trying so hard to be normal is, in itself, not normal. She realizes that she has to accept the cat as part of herself, which actually explains a lot of her change of heart later on in the anime.

She also clears up that she was not asking him on a date

And finally, another surprise I wasn’t expecting from these stories, but it turns out it was Araragi who cut Hanekawa’s hair at her request. The both recognize that he is another source of her stress, and his cutting her hair is also symbolic of her moving on. And so he cut off her two braids and she later went to a hair salon to straighten things out.

And he apparently kept the two braids in his room…

Araragi is such a freak sometimes…….


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