LN Review: Sugura Court (Monogatari Short Stories)

I finally started posting individualized headers for these chapters! Free storage space be damned! And just in time for the debut of everyone’s favorite lewd devil-armed athlete.

Sugura Court of course is Kanbaru’s first chapter in this series of short stories, and details the “revenge match” between her and Araragi. Things begin with a surprisingly lengthy misunderstanding, as Araragi decided to challenge Kanbaru via handwritten letter. She of course misunderstands his challenge as a date, purposefully or not, but agrees to meet him at the basketball courts. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Araragi attempts to beat Kanbaru at her signature sport with a secret edge — having just asked Shinobu to drink some of his blood to boost his vampiric abilities. It should go without saying that he fails anyway, with the final score a devastating 120-0 meaning Kanbaru scored a point every minute of their two hour game. However Araragi doesn’t have to feel like a total loser in the end as Kanbaru is under the impression he set the whole thing up to make her feel better about the whole “devil arm” thing. As it turns out he actually really wanted to win, but sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone win.

While this isn’t really one of my favorites of the short stories, it’s still a nice little read. But maybe I’m just saying that because Nadeko is up next, and I’ve never really been a fan of her… But hey I’ll try and give her chapter a fair take this Friday! Until then,



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