Light Novel Review – Hitagi Buffet (Monogatari Short Stories)


What’s up everybody!? Now I don’t know if you enjoy Monogatari like I do (hell sometimes I still question my love for the series), but I mentioned recently some fans over on Reddit recently translated a collection of short stories for the series and made it free to download! (Link Here) if you’d like to snag it for yourself! Anyway I’m about midway through it, and figured I’d share my thoughts on them for anyone that might be interested. They’re fairly quick reads but I decided to split them up as they’re presented since they don’t necessarily need to be read together to tell their stories anyway.

Our first story, Hitagi Buffet, is actually one of my favorites. Senjougahara has always been best-girl in my book, and we get to read about a little date between her and Araragi at a dessert cafe. She has a coupon after all. All seems well as the pair enjoy their deserts until Araragi blurts out an unaskable question, “Is Senjougahara getting fat?”.

“Girls don’t get fat.”

“Oh…… Is that so?”

“Yes. Girls only grow.”

However as they’re back and forth continues Senjougahara learns about the side effect vampirism has on Araragi’s own weight — that no matter how much he eats he’ll never become fat. And while this visibly irritates her, she declares that the possibilities of human beings will prevail and that she will lose any weight that she gains. Araragi tries to point out that he’d actually prefer her to put on a little weight, but Senjougahara is adamant about proving her point. After she finishes off her’s and Araragi’s cakes that is.

It’s a fun little story that does a great job of setting up the expectations of the book. Next Monday I’ll cover the next short story Mayoi Room, but if you’d like the read ahead I’ll post the link again here. Thanks for reading!


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