5 Awesome Anime EDs

Well if you didn’t see it coming from my list last week, today I’m going over 5 anime EDs that I think are absolutely awesome! Let’s get right to it!

5. Boruto ED 4 (Game-Jikkyosha Wakuwaku Band / DenshinTamashii)


This is one of my favorite EDs in recent memory, and is actually the one that inspired my OP list from last. Ahh if they’d only made this the intro instead it would’ve been great! If you want to hear the full song and see the original video I’ve linked it here.

4. Death Note ED 2 (Zetsubou Billy – Maximum The Hormone)


The second Death Note ending really resonated with my angsty teen self back in the day, and I’ve got to admit it’s still a bit of a headbanger today as well. While the video itself is pretty basic, I think it illustrates Kira’s rise to god of the new world and the death of L pretty well.

3. Clannad ED 1 (Dango Daikazoku (feat. xclassicalcatx)


Look I just think it’s cute okay!

2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures (Yes! – Roundabout)



Well yeah sure but memes aside I love the band Yes!, and Roundabout is simply a great song. Besides JoJo’s is known for it’s multitude of music references and inventive OPs and EDs.

1. Kekkai Sensen “Blood Blockade Battlefront” (Sugar Song to Bitter Step – Unison Square Garden


This was one of those EDs I simply couldn’t skip over at the end of each episode. It does an amazing job of summing up the show’s character traits while also being just so darn fun! Every time I watch it I find myself both laughing and tearing up a bit. Honestly this ending is just ineffable for me.


3 thoughts on “5 Awesome Anime EDs

  1. Really nice list ^^
    If i have to pick my top 5, then it’ll be
    5- splash ( free end )
    4- unison square garden ( kekkai sensen end )
    3- be as one ( fairy tail end 6 )
    2- little glee monster ( boku no hero s2 end 1 )
    1- Snowdrop ( food wars end 3 )

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