So I started Boruto…

My roommate recently decided to rewatch all of Naruto and Shippuden (minus most of the filler), and I found myself watching more and more of it with him until he finished the Pain arc. Something about the fun and drama from the show really made me want to try Boruto out despite all the negativity around the series. I’m currently 22 episodes in, and I’ll be honest I’m completely split on this show.

Part of me loves seeing the old cast as adults and seeing the way the world is adopting modern technology. But another part of me hates the piss-poor writing and character development. Nearly all of the kids are just copies of their parents, and for some reason it doesn’t seem like any of them know anything about their parents’ past. Like I get that most kids don’t know much about their parent’s past at that age, but Boruto not knowing what the Byakugan or Sarada not knowing about the Sharingan is nearly unbearable to watch. And believe me that hardly scratches the surface as far as bad writing goes for this series.

But then I remember that this really is a kids show intended for a younger audience, and hey at least it tries to send a good message about never abandoning your friends and always do what’s right. And for some reason, as much as I hate the writing, those 22 episodes just flew by. This show’s got to be doing something right aside from hitting that nostalgia button right?

Currently giving it a 5/10 :/

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