Gen 2 Pokédex Progress

So about a week ago I wrote about my disaster in Pokémon Crystal where all my progress was erased. Fortunately that didn’t deter me from going after gen two’s pokédex anyway. After work one afternoon I decided to check out a local game shop, and found they had dozens of copies of Yellow and Gold available with most of the stickers in great shape. I went ahead and grabbed a copy of Gold, as well as two puzzles of the Kanto and Johto maps because why not? These puzzles have turned out to be a bit of a nightmare in their own right, and both seem to have one missing edge piece which frustrates me to no end. Anyway now that I’ve abandoned shiny hunting for time and sanity’s sake, there’s been a lot of progress towards to pokédex. Also for reference since I’ve already got gen one’s pokédex completed I’m only mentioning gen two pokémon in this list.

Starting out I’ve got all three starters and their second evolutions by using my copy of Crystal. Next up there’s noctowl, sentret, spinarak, and togepi. These four haven’t really seen any action outside of Bill’s boxes. Mareep/Flaaffy on the other hand is a new champ. Wooper is also in the party until it evolves, and gastly is in the party because haunter is one of my favorite/most used pokémon. For the first time I’ve evolved a poliwhirl and a slowpoke into a politoed and a slowking respectively. Yanma, sudowoodo, girafarig and miltank are also in the box. I’ve currently seen 96 pokémon and have captured 31.

I’m not going on the same crazy binge sessions this time around, so hopefully this can just be something fun to do. I’m sure I’ll link images of the framed puzzles when they’re both done, and maybe even a sequel video for the final pokédex update in gen two. But until then, thanks for reading.

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