My Lost 48 hours of Pokémon Crystal

So a few years back I accomplished an item on my bucket list by completing the Pokédex in Pokémon Red/Blue (video for proof ^_^). Fast forward to earlier this week and I found myself walking into a Game Exchange and back out with a beautiful looking copy of Pokémon Crystal. Then quickly realizing it was the most glitched out game I’ve ever seen and trading it out for a much less beautiful, but working, copy. As soon as I got home I loaded it in my old Game Boy SP and started a new game. However with my main goal being to complete the gen 2 pokédex, I decided to look up a few glitches. After a few hours had all three of the starter pokémon, and eventually even figured out how to get every Odd Egg possibility including a shiny Magby and Igglybuff.

I didn’t realize how long it had been until the sun was shining through my blinds after I’d played straight through the night. Doing the math now, I started playing around 8pm and the sun would’ve come up at 7-7:30am. So I’d already been playing for close to 12 hours, and the hunt was on. I tried to avoid encountering Sudowoodo for as long as possibly to attempt a shiny, but eventually decided I could always try breeding later and I really needed to get to the Lake of Rage — though probably not for the reason you’re thinking.Related image

My main reason for catching the shiny Gyarados was actually so that I could trade him over to my copy of Blue and perform the sequences needed to capture a shiny Ditto. There are plenty of tutorials for this glitch online, but I decided to link my own method above for anyone that has a completed first gen game. So anyway I’m feeling pretty good around this point and go on to complete most of the main story line up to the last gym. I’d even transferred some of my strongest Pokémon over from Red/Blue including Mew, Mewtwo, Dragonite, and Charizard. Additionally I had also transferred Pokémon with evolutions linked to trading such as Slowpoke and Polywhirl.

This is where things get a little screwy…

I set the game down after sun rays hit my arms unexpectedly again around 8am this morning (using my spring break appropriately huh?). I slept until around 2pm and did a few things around the house to recover from my nearly 48 hour binge. Around 3pm I decided to check in on the game.

Image result for pokemon crystal save file corrupted
While this is my kind of GB Color I just found these images online.

My journey to complete the gen two pokédex has been brought to a sudden halt. I’m considering picking up from an emulator, but this was just so discouraging. Not only did I lose nearly two days of my life, but I also lost a lot of powerful pokémon from my gen one games. However it has sparked a possible interest in shiny hunting, and turned me on to some cool YouTubers I might write a piece on later. Let me know if you’d be interested!


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