Important Update to the Blog

How’s it going everyone? Been a while since I posted here, but I return with some news both good and bad. Boiled down to its basics, the good news is that I’ll probably be posting regularly again soon. The bad news is that I will rarely be posting about anime anymore — if at all.

I understand that the majority of you likely only follow this blog for the anime posts, and I just want you to know there will be no hard feelings if you decide to unfollow. However I just feel like my relationship with the medium has changed fairly drastically in the past several months, and I no longer have the drive to write about it. Anime will always have a special place in my heart, but I think it’s been one of the things keeping me from where I want to go in life.

But hey if you’ve gotten this far without immediately unfollowing I might as well talk about what kind of changes you can expect from this blog right? To be honest I can’t reveal everything quite yet as I don’t even know myself, but it’s going to be a lot more focused on IRL topics and self-improvement. Now I know there are already thousands, if not millions, of blogs just like this across the web, and I can’t guarantee this one will be all that much better. However my goal with this is to make it more personalized, so that while you’re reading it doesn’t sound like some generic feel-good BS. I want to convey the experiences of improving my own life in a way that is actually relatable.

Obligatory example of the unrelatable

Some topics I already know I’ll be writing, and possibly makings videos, about include: fitness, nutrition, reading/writing, time management, sociology, and personal stories that will cover a wide variety of topics. Looks like I’m really going to need a full site overhaul soon! And now I don’t want this to drag on too long, so I’ll wrap it up here with wishing everyone a (late) happy 2018 and best wishes to everyone!

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