Crunchyroll Guest Pass Giveaway #1

So yeah I know most of you probably already have a Crunchyroll subscription and don’t need a guest pass, but now that I’m starting to accumulate them I figured I might as well do a few little fun contests to give them away! And wouldn’t you know it, I thought of the perfect random question for the month which no amount of anime-knowledge will be able to guess without a little luck! That’s right this first contest has only a 1/27 chance of guessing the correct answer! So…

Which one Miyazaki film have I watched from start to finish?

Yes believe it or not, I’m actually not a Miyazaki buff. I respect the man to be sure, but his art style honestly just isn’t for me — which I find a little odd considering how much I love Mokoto Shinkai’s works recently. So anyway go ahead and make your guesses in the comments for a chance to win a guest pass on Crunchyroll!

*If you’ve already got a Crunchyroll membership I’d like to respectively request that you not comment here, but if you’d still like to make a guess please message me on Twitter @jakecoker.


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