Episode Update: Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 10. Finale?

Well this is the final episode of the series. I’ll probably be writing up a full review on it soon as it’s undoubtedly been my favorite series of the season. That said it’s really one of the only seasonal shows I think I truly enjoyed all the way through, so I may be changing up my approach to these posts in the coming season…

“On a Moonlit Evening”

We pick up right where we left off last week with Morioka getting out of Sakurai’s shower (Wow good thing you’ve been keeping up with this series huh or that would’ve been misleading!). Sakurai is off in the kitchen wondering what to say to cheer her up, thinking about how much easier to would probably be in-game as Lily. When Morioka joins him in the kitchen she asks if there’s somewhere she can hang her clothes to dry and he offers to put them in his dryer. She flips out and races past him to do it herself to avoid him seeing her underwear. Their interactions just keep getting cuter, more awkward, and at times a little cringey as they chat in the living room. They’ve clearly got a thing for each other, but they’re each just too high-strung for their own good.

Anime - Recovery of an MMO Junkie Embarrassment.PNG

At this point we’re already halfway through the episode and I’m starting to worry this show is taking too long to set up the ending. The tension in the room is broken, yet again, by Morioka’s stomach growling and Sakurai offers to cook something up. They eat, do the dishes, and unexpectedly end up in another confession-type moment…. That is until the freaking dryer of all things interrupts them. With Morioka’s clothes dry, she prepares to leave and Sakurai nearly lets her go alone before offering to walk her home. Anticipation levels are now maxed! And yet again the confession is cut short and we’re practically left with another friend-zone moment.

Anime - Recovery of an MMO Junkie Cute.PNG

I’m dead at this point. I just want things to work out between these two, but they are just incapable of moving the plot along sometimes. I hate to say this, but the writing for the last couple of episodes is really just milking it. Anyway the scene picks back up with them gaming again and all is right with the world. We see the rest of their guildmates again and I’m realizing we really don’t see enough character development in them. Then suddenly Morioka and Sakurai are on a date!? What the hell? And they’re moving forward with their relationship at their own pace which I find acceptable, but a little disappointing after all this buildup.

Anime - Recovery of an MMO Junkie Reflection.PNG

NO! You know what? That’s REALLY disappointing after all that buildup. I want this story flushed out better and hell maybe even another season where we see them as an actual couple that has to deal with the kind of hardships couples deal with! Does Morioka have to get another job? Is some guy gonna hit on her in front of Sakurai? How does the guild react to them having an IRL relationship!? GAAAAAAAAAH!

On the upside I guess it looks like there’s an OVA that’ll come out on Crunchyroll on December 15th, so hopefully that will tie up some loose ends. I really loved this series, and I think I’ll do the full review once the OVAs out and I do a short update on it. I don’t really know how to feel after this though. It’s like we got the meal but no dessert. But anyway I guess we’ll see what happens next week.


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