Episode Update: Dragon Ball Super Episode 118.

(Last Week’s Update)

Accelerated Tragedy – Vanishing Universes

When I saw the title for this episode I got HYPED! However as the episode drug on I once again questioned whether I’m watching this show because it’s good, or because I’m a long time fan of the series. I oddly found myself missing Dragon Ball GT during an early scene with Universe 2, but my hope was restored a bit with the fight between Gohan and Piccolo against the other Nemekians from Universe 6. It was interesting to see Piccolo come to terms with fighting other Nemekians in a battle for survival. We even get to see Kami and Nail again for a brief moment. It was also beautiful to see Goku and Gohan let off a simultaneous Kamehameha wave even though they were battling separate opponents. Unfortunately it was a little ruined by the abusive replaying of the instrumental version of the OP yet again…

However I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t affected by the episode’s ending. Universe 2 bowed out with dignity, for once, and it was actually really sad to see Universe 6 get erased. I’m hoping that Vegeta will be able to bring them back with the Super Dragon Balls (still hate that name), but with Frieza around I don’t know what to expect. But seeing Beerus watch Champa get erased was definitely more sad than expected.

Anime - DBS 118.PNG



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