Episode Update: Black Clover’s new Sakura?

So episode nine of Black Clover, “Beasts” recently dropped, and for the first time (I think) I’ve mostly got positive things to say about the series. Now I know you’ve probably heard myself and just about everyone else say how boring, unoriginal, loud, obnoxious,…

Wait we’ve done this skit before?

Right so like I was saying, this week we actually get some character progression for both Magna and Noelle. We see where Magna got his roots and speaking habits and Noelle learns a new defensive spell. Wow when you write that down it really looks less impre…  “I said quit with the negativity!”

Anime - Black Clover's Magma Flashback.PNGAnime - Black Clover's Noelle learns a spell

Overall I still really dislike the show if I’m being honest, but this episode wasn’t that bad. Sure Noelle played the token Sakura this week, and her call to protect the villagers wasn’t all the believable, but hey at least it looks like she’s getting control of her magic. I’m betting she can only use defensive magic effectively, but who knows. The highlight may have been with Magna this week who receives a shocking blow when he discovers his father-figure dead in the village. We’d just enjoyed yet another flashback to get to know this man and next thing you know he’s dead! I did not see that coming.

And that’s really the highlight for this week. What did you think of the episode? Enjoying the episodes with less Asta a little more?

6 thoughts on “Episode Update: Black Clover’s new Sakura?

  1. I’m probably at the point where I’m just watching until the end of the Autumn season. I know this show intends to go on but I’m pretty much done. I didn’t mind the fight at the end of this episode, but it wasn’t enough or done well enough to overcome the overwhelming negativity I feel towards this show and the characters at this point. I might change my mind but that’s how I feel at the moment.

      1. I read a review recently from someone who apparently is finding it quite a moving experience. I’m not sure I could agree, but at least someone is finding some enjoyment from the show.

      2. Hmm. Did they at least give examples as to why? I mean it’s cool that everyone has their own tastes, I’m just wondering what they’re getting from it.

      3. From what I remember they felt Asta overcoming and fighting on was inspiring. I guess they don’t find him as irritatingly unlikeable as most the other people I’m reading reviews from. Though, you must admit, the trope of never giving up is definitely there. For most of us it is the execution that is the problem, not the idea in the show given the idea is pretty solid (done before but solid).

      4. Haha yeah I’m pretty sure I referred to him as the personification of the Horatio Alger myth at some point because giving up isn’t even in his dictionary. I mean the guy goes after a nun romantically. I don’t know whether he should be inspirational or institutionalized.

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