First Impressions: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

When this show first popped up about a year ago I started seeing some awesome cosplays of it, but never knew the name. Fortunately Crunchyroll is always promoting different stuff, so it just kind of popped into my view and I decided to give the first episode a try. It was amazing to say the least. This comedy/fantasy series is bound to make you laugh, and I suspect it’ll get fairly deep at times.

We’re introduced to Miss Kobayashi, “a normal programmer and office worker who suddenly finds herself living with a dragon after removing a divine sword from it on a drunken night.”. The dragon in question, Tohru, “a female dragon of the Chaos faction who is capable of utilising magic to perform such tasks as “perception-blocking”, repairing damage she may have caused, or transforming into a human girl. After her life is saved by Kobayashi, she falls in love with her and starts living in her flat as a maid.”. In the first episode alone we’re treated to several days of their lives together as Tohru learns more and more about the way humans live, often consulting her dragon friends for help over the phone. She’s got that funny clueless character which is nicely combated with Kobayashi’s straight-man act.

I’m getting ready to binge this series, so it shouldn’t be more than a few days before the full review is out. Of course that’s how most of my First Impressions have been going lately huh? ^_^


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