Episode Updates!

Well I’m finally back in town now that my Thanksgiving break is coming to an end, and I’ve done my best to catch up on all the new episodes that came out this week. However I’d like to keep this post somewhat short as I’ve got a lot of papers to write today. Let’s get started!

Dragon Ball Super – Episode 117 –

Showdown of Love! Androids VS Universe 2!!

This week we get to see Androids 17 and 18 take center stage against the annoyance that is Universe 2. While 17 played more of a supporting role, 18 showed off her DBZ-era badass skills. While this wasn’t as great as previous episodes, it keeps up the pace implying that it shouldn’t be too much longer for Goku’s rematch with Jiren.

King’s Game – Episode 8 – Determination (Blood | Judgment)

Some guy gives Nobuaki a haircut before he breaks his own fingers. That’s really about it.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Episode 8 – Let sleeping dogs lie.

This show is just lovely, but it does feel like just about every episode has them returning hope at the end of the day after some dramatic fight. This week we see Elias go ham on a homunculus, Chise makes a pact with the black dog (now known as Ruth), and we continue to get hints about the sorcerer Cartaphilius. Now I hate to say that this show is starting to get dull, but it does feel like something is missing in the way of character development. I think I’d like to see an episode like the 3 OVA episodes at the beginning, where everyone just stays home and we learn about Elias’s past or something. No other complains when it comes to this show though really.

Kino’s Journey – Episode 8 – Country of Radio Waves

Another week without Kino, but we do get to follow Shizu’s party which I actually enjoy just as much. This time around they encounter a seemingly peaceful and stable country they believe they may be able to stay in. However after witnessing a brutal massacre, they realize the people of the town believe all evil deeds are done because of radio waves sent by a tower set up to control slaves from generations ago. Shizu’s party doesn’t believe the “historical facts”, and instead offers to destroy the towers and obtain evidence — which the town people don’t believe causing them to flee. We also get a shorter clip of Riku and Ti spending the day together and grow closer. You could sweeten coffee with this ending.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie – Episode 8 – One Step Forward

This was my favorite episode of the week (and probably series of the season), as we finally get some major progression. That’s right, Yuta finally tells Moriko everything! Both his secret identity as Harth and as Lily! It felt a little rushed, though with only two episodes left it’s better now than never.


Fate/Apocrypha – Episode 20 – Soar Through the Sky

Unlike the previous Fate iterations, I really find myself wondering just how much longer they plan on dragging this Holy War on. I’m not particularly attached to any of the main characters this time around, and this episode seemed especially lacking. As Jeanne and the Yggdmillenia faction begin their assault on the Hanging Gardens, we see Shiro enter the Greater Grail. Some fighting begins but there’s honestly not a lot of action in this episode. Probably the weakest episode this week next to King’s Game.

Battle Blockade Battlefront S2 – Episode 8 – Desperate Fight in the Macro Zone, Part 1

I just recently started and caught up on this series, but haven’t had time to review it properly. That said it’s another one of those villain-of-the-week varieties with a couple side stories that span multiple episodes. This week one of Leo’s friends turns into a crazy monster thanks to an intelligent terrorist bacteria, and Leo must help a microscopic scientist reverse the effects and save the world! Just another day in Hellsalem’s Lot.

So that’s about all I’ve gotten caught up on so far! I’m trying out a variety of different finished shows right now, so it might take a while before I have any full reviews out — or not? We’ll just have to see I guess!

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