Update: Dragon Ball Super Episode 116

“The Sign of a Comeback! Ultra Instinct’s Huge Explosion!!”

What an episode! We get Ultra Instinct Goku the entire time and during an episode-long fight no less! These are the kind of episodes Super really needs and the franchise deserves after all these years. The main premise this episode is Goku mastering his newfound ability. Fortunately, it appears, he’s at least halfway there.

Goku is quickly able to master the defensive aspects of Ultra Instinct, giving him the ability to dodge practically any attack without hesitation. However it seems he’s not quite there yet in regards to offense. It also seems that because he’s not Super Saiyan in this mode, his regular attacks are much weaker when he can’t utilize this new form — possibly as weak as his regular form against a fused SSJ2 opponent. Ultimately though Goku prevails as we all knew he would, and blasts Kefla out of the fighting arena breaking her Potara earrings in the process (Must not complain too much about continuity problems anymore!).

This is also sadly the first episode to air since Bulma’s voice actor, Hiromi Tsuru, passed away. I know she’s not in this arc, but it’s still hard not to think about her when watching. I kind of wonder if there’ll be some kind of explanation for her voice change in the future, or if it will be addressed in any way. Part of me hopes it won’t, but I think if done correctly it would be a sweet gesture. I don’t know though what do you think?

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