Update: Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 7

“You and I, and Me and You”

Have I mentioned how much I love the OP on this anime? I feel like I’ve been saying that about a lot of shows lately, but the beat at the beginning and end of this OP is just awesome! Anyways, this week we see that the IRL interactions between Moriko and Yuta is having a profound effect on his ability to log in as Lily. He misses Moriko/Hayashi, yet knowing they’re the same person makes it difficult to fact them. Hayashi is ecstatic when Lily finally logs in, and things practically go back to normal. Yuta is actually pretty when he finds out that Moriko saw him as Lily and liked that about him.

Soon after we see that Koiwai has downloaded the MMO as well and calls Moriko to ask for help. “Great….“, I think to myself, “just what we need at this point…“. He ends up playing as a large muscular female named Harumi and Moriko creates a new female character named Molly. Against all odds *lol* they end up speaking with Kanbe and another guild member. And of course Koiwai feels the need to email Yuta about it. Cringe levels are nearing their max at this point!

Kanbe puts two and two together about Harumi’s true identity pretty quickly. We also basically get confirmation that Yuta and Moriko used to play the old MMO together as partners as well. It’s almost funny that he doesn’t think it’s possible that they share this connection as well given everything else that’s happened in their series so far, but that’s anime for ya! Koiwai invites Yuta to play, who also creates a new character, and the episode ends with Moriko guessing that it’s him (to herself).

You know when writing about this show I almost feel like a crazy person trying to differentiate between all the different aliases. However it’s still a fun show to watch, I simply wish I could binge it instead of watching week-to-week. It’s not that it’s especially hard to remember what happened the previous week or anything. It’s just that it seems like that’s the best way to enjoy a slice of life, you know? This episode was cringier than most as the lines between the virtual world and the real one blur even further. The characters are losing their ability to stay anonymous and enjoy a second life. I keep expecting shit to hit the virtual fan, but I’m sure it’s not far off at this point! I’m honestly looking forward to doing a full review of this series when it’s done though. I think it’ll somehow make more sense that way. But until then, thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Update: Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 7

  1. I like how everything is building up to the climax. We all know things are about to be revealed or fall apart or whatever but it is just when it gets there but with only three episodes left we are definitely closing in on that moment and I’m really looking forward to seeing how all of this ends up resolved.

    1. I’m actually getting nervous they’re not going to have time to make a good ending. I really wouldn’t mind this show having another season, but it doesn’t seem the kind of show that would know what to do with it lol.

      1. Definitely doesn’t seem like this could stretch to a second season, though the kind of means we should expect either a rush ending or an inconclusive one. I guess we’ll see how they handle it.

      2. Yeah I get a weird vibe from the side story about the other MMO they played similar to the side story from Clannad. Like even if Moriko and Yuta become close IRL what’re they going to say/do about that?

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