Another Top 10 Voice Actors!

Come now you didn’t really think I’d just post one of these and wait too long before posting another did you? There are far FAR too many talented VAs out there for that! And again remember I don’t care too much for the particular order except of course when it comes to my number ones.

#10: Todd Haberkorn

Whether he’s voicing Death the Kid (Soul Eater), Allen Walker (D.Gray-man), Ling Yao (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood), or even Raki (Claymore), Haberkorn’s iconic voice is always recognizable. Don’t let his soft tone fool you though, he’s also capable of characters such as Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail).

#9: Laura Bailey

Another iconic Soul Eater/FMA star (she plays Maka Albarn and Lust respectively!), Laura Bailey’s voice always brings me back to Dragon Ball Z where she voices Kid Trunks as well as young Dende and Marron. I’m also just discovering she’s also married to the next person on our list.

#8: Travis Willingham

We all know and love him as Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist, but did you know he’s also a voice is [insert favorite video-game here]? Seriously love this guy’s serious voice, and think it’s just lovely that he’s married to Laura Bailey.

#7: Michael Jones

It was only a matter of time before someone from Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter made it onto this list. Michael (Rage Quit) Jones is one of my favorite online comedians, but he’s also been in featured films and VA for anime such as Fairy Tail and RWBY. He’s also technically the first member of Rooster Teeth I met in person, which is a funny but long story. Guy is WAY sweeter than his old Rage Quit videos would lead you to believe!

#6: Jen Taylor

Most famous for her role as Cortana in the Halo franchise, Jen Taylor is also the voices of Princess Peach in Mario and Salem/Narrator for RWBY. I really hope she decides to do more animation because her voice absolutely kills it!

#5: John DiMaggio

Let’s be honest, you probably already know who John DiMaggio is because he’s in so many things. Most know him as Bender from Futurama, but I actually prefer him as Jake the Dog in Adventure Time. Hmm wonder why ^_^

He is also the executive producer/narrator of I Know That Voice, a documentary about the world of voice acting, along with producer Tommy Reid and director Lawrence Shapiro.

#4: Peter Cullen

I didn’t know it until fairly recently, but Peter Cullen voiced a good portion of my childhood. From Optimus Prime to several characters in G.I. Joe to even Eeyore. He may not be one of the greatest or most popular, but I’d say he’s definitely underrated.

#3: Billy West

“Good news everybody!”

This guy practically is Futurama, voicing Phillip J. Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Zap Brannigan, Dr. Zoidberg, as well as several others. In fact there are several scenes in the series where whole dialogues are done by him.

#2: Ron Perlman

Perlman just has the voice of a bad guy. Maybe it’s from his time voicing Slade in Teen Titans or The Lich in Adventure Time, but whenever I hear it I know we’ve met a true villain. Even when he voices Hellboy I get the feeling something is about to go wrong.

#1: Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor is Ash Ketchum. Yeah that Ash Ketchum. The OG Pokemon trainer she voiced for the first eight seasons. But she didn’t stop there. She’s also been in series such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon, Berserk, and one of my guilty pleasures – Ah! My Goddess!

Well that about does it for this list. I’m sure there will be another one soon, but I’ve got another list I’m working on in the meantime. Until then, who’s your favorite VA (both on and off this list)!?

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