Update: Kings Game Episode 6

I am so done with this show… but I’ll probably continue watching.

“Revolt (Counter | Oppress)”

This week we approach the end of Nobuaki’s first King’s Game in which someone must roll a die and name the respective number of people to die, roller included. After a predictable feud breaks out, Nobuaki’s best friend, Naoya, decides to do it. He rolls a 6 and kills everyone except Nobuaki, Chiemi and Ria. We’re then told by Ria that the Kings Game is a virus that has gained the ability to go cyber and she starts “hacking” it with an antivirus. She fails however and is killed for disobeying the King’s rules by burning to death…

Sooooo yeah. This episode was garbage. If I wasn’t annoying with it before, the concept of a biological virus killing based on suggestions and gaining the ability to become a computer virus did me in. I tried to suspend disbelief, but it would’ve been easier to believe if it was all magic and Ria were a sorcerer. Oh right and there was the whole Ria’s backstory where she talks about her father sexually abusing her. Not to mention I do believe I saw fidget spinners among the sex toys he used… I left this episode feeling the most disturbed than ever before from any anime. Unfortunately, as much as I hate this show, I have to know how it ends. I only hope the writers and animators are getting the mental health treatment they so clearly need.

Normally I’d put some kind of question here, but I don’t even know what to say after seeing that. I stopped being religious years ago, but I’m tempted to go confess to a priest just for watching this episode.


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