Episode Updates!

It sure is getting confusing trying to schedule these things out! But I know if I don’t I’ll have days where I don’t post anything, and I really don’t want that. *sigh* Maybe I’ll start scheduling the “list” type posts out and try to get these more date-able posts out sooner?

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Episode 5 – Secret Triangle

Have I mentioned how much I love this show before? Oh.. I did… and I still do! This week we get confirmation that Yuta has put together the pieces, and is so far the only one aware of Moriko’s true identity. We’re also properly introduced to the convenience store clerk Fujimoto Kazuomi, another member of their guild, @Home Party, though they’re unaware of their connection… at first. Kazuomi/Kanbe, quickly uses his newfound knowledge to toy with Moriko/Hayashi. However they smooth things over and their bond grows in the process. We also learn that Kanbe knows that Lily is actually a man IRL, though it doesn’t seem he knows Lily’s actual name.

This episode is also great for the scenes where Moriko gets ready to go out for drinks. She begins comparing the prices for clothes and haircuts to lootboxes and treats the whole thing like a quest. Finally she heads out for the date, not realizing it’s actually planned for tomorrow. Yuta decides to check and see if his hunch is correct, and approaches her as the episode ends. Hell of a cliffhanger.

Kino’s Journey

Episode 5 – “Country of Liars”

A cold wind blows with early winter. After receiving permission to stay in a country for three days, Kino and Hermes encounter a man who’s waiting for his lover’s return. After parting ways with him, Kino is welcomed by the residents in town.

This episode starts out with Kino exploring the town hall/home of a former traveler who settled down and reformed a country. As they observe his belongings on display, they note the inaccuracies behind their stories and actual histories. This is never more apparent than when they encounter his mottorrad, who tells them how terrible it is to be on display and never ridden. But just as your heart is about to break, Kino is approached by a young boy who asks how to become a traveler. Kino suggests going to speak to the neglected mottorrad. I sincerely hope we see them again.

Kino then visits another country and is approached by a man looking for missing lover, who abruptly claimed she needed to go on a journey five years ago. Some townspeople later explain that he was part of a revolution five years ago to overthrow their tyrannical king. His lover, as it turned out, was the princess and he accidentally killed her while trying to kill the king. The shock from the incident made him unable to accept reality, so he believes she’s off on a journey. Such a tragic story. Kino later runs into the man’s housekeeper, a former traveler hired by the city to take care of him. It’s revealed that she is actually the very princess everyone believes to be dead, and that doubles had died in her family’s place. She returned upon learning of her lover’s illness, and takes care of him out of love. However it turns out even she is being deceived, as the man is actually lying about his condition and is fully aware that his housekeeper is actually his lover. Truly a country of liars.

I really enjoyed this episode, but it was definitely a strange one. Of course that might be why I love this series so much.

Black Clover

Episode 6 – “The Black Bulls”

Asta has arrived at the home of the Black Bulls, which Yami himself called the absolute worst Magic Knights Squad. He is greeted by the squad’s unique members.

“Your height and the volume of your voice are all out of proportion”. You said it Yami. All “joking” aside, I really enjoyed this episode. Asta meets all of his new teammates, and get initiated through what is basically a game of fire baseball. I’m so-so on most of his new teammates, but I think they’re an interesting bunch to say the least. This show finally feels like it’s starting to take off on its own.

Nisekoi Season 2

For the oldie today we have Nisekoi season 2 all the way back from 2015. You know it’s funny, but I didn’t think I’d ever go back to this show. I try not to get too wrapped up in these never ending harem anime, but Nisekoi was one of my favorites in recent memory. Chitoge = best girl btw. Fight me on this!

Episodes 1-2

“From Now On / Please Notice”

Now that Chitoge has come to terms with her feelings for Raku, she sets out to mold him into the ideal boyfriend! However, with Raku being the oblivious guy he is, just how many different ways can Chitoge try to get him to recognize her more?

“Fate / Showdown”

Tsugumi has a visitor from her past. Her dark, violent past… Now, she has to prove that she still has the skills she once had!

Probably not going to go into too much detail on the older show today. I was really just trying to find something good to watch since I caught up on everything else I’m watching and this popped into my brain. Really hoping that it gets an actual ending, and if it has (manga or anime) please no spoil! It’s taken me about a year to forget all the manga I read that ruined this season for me the last time I tried to watch it. Now I think I can finally just sit back and enjoy the awkwardness.

Welp that about wraps things up for today. Which of these shows is your favorite so far? I’m pretty split with RMMOJ and Kino’s Journey, but I’d probably go with RMMOJ. Kino’s Journey is amazing, but I think it may be a little too lonely if that makes any sense. It’s something I enjoy watching in bursts, but probably couldn’t watch if it had as many episodes as Mushishi for long periods of time. Anyway, let me know your favorites!

2 thoughts on “Episode Updates!

  1. Of these shows, my favourite at the moment would be Recovery of an MMO Junkie. Kino’s Journey has been a bit flat for me the last couple of episodes so while I’m liking it, I’m not having as much fun watching it as MMO.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the shows.

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