First Impressions – Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The new Wolfenstein game just dropped, and I’ve got to say

I forgot how fun it is killing Nazis.

So admittedly I had some trouble with this game starting out. I bought it on Steam the other night and couldn’t believe how much trouble I was having trying to stream it. I’m talking choppy frame rates, dropped streams, total freezes, the works. But Valve being the awesome company they are gave me a full refund and I picked it up on the Xbox One — luckily with a $7 discount I still had. Silver linings!

I played a little over an hour of the beginning of the game which you can check out here if you’d like. First impressions are kind of mixed but overall positive. So lets break it down. Oh and some minor early spoilers ahead!


This game is beautiful. Not like Destiny 2 beautiful or The Witcher 3 beautiful, but like the new Doom beautiful. Bloody beautiful. You can definitely see an improvement in graphics from the previous game (going based on what I’ve seen since I haven’t played it). In comparison to some games I’d only give this a 3/5, but considering how stylized it is I’ll give it the 4.


At first I couldn’t stand the combat in this game — especially not on PC. But then again I’ve never been much of a PC gamer, so don’t take my word for it. It’s REAL easy to die in Wolfenstein II. Like I’ve played a lot of FPS games, and I’ve never died in the first level as many times as I have playing this game. And I’m only on like the 3rd tier difficulty out of like 6. I can’t even imagine how hard “MEIN LEBEN” is when you unlock it, but I do hope to find out some day. After a while though the combat feels more natural, and before I knew it I was popping Nazis left and right. The weapons are solid and the combat is fun. I’m actually worried it’s going to be difficult to stream because I’m always so focused on staying alive. Combat gets a 5/5.



I thought I’d be more ready for this, but this game goes zero to a hundred real quick. From a racist, antisemitic, homophobic father to the world’s shittiest Nazi mother Irene Engel, this game hates parents… and dogs. Even your sweet Jewish mother gets slapped around in front of you in your flashbacks. It’s just messed up. There’s not a lot of positive stuff going on early on in this game but it does have it’s moments.  That said it does what it aims to — it gets your attention in a way very similar to how they marketed the game, shock and awe. 5/5

So yeah it’s actually a pretty positive first impression. Aside from the constant dying I’ve been doing it’s been a pretty fun time. I was thinking of saving it for the Extra Life stream November 4th-5th 8AM to 8AM at (Sorry gotta plug while I can!), but this seems like it’s going to take a while to play. I’ll probably be jumping back on tomorrow afternoon or Monday at the latest.

The last thing I wanted to say about this game is actually something I picked up on while looking through the achievement list. There’s a game within the game called Wolfstone 3D. According to this article by Polygon, it’s like the old Wolfenstein 3D… BUT YOU PLAY AS THE BAD GUYS! My mind is a little blown here! I’ve mentioned before, but Wolfenstein 3D was one of the first games I remember playing on one of those old arcade machines. So to think I’m going to get to play it again is pretty awesome. It’s just crazy I’ll be playing as a Nazi this time around. So weird.

Well that’s all for now. I plan to do a full review when I’ve finished the game, but I don’t expect a lot to change. Probably do a breakdown of the plot as a whole and give an overall score. We’ll see when the time comes. Anyway, thanks for reading and look forward to something “new” here coming in a couple days.

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