So I guess I’m a Twitch streamer now

First off, before I go into this main post, I just want to thank everyone who are continuing to read this blog even though I’ve only been keeping it sparsely updated. It’s been a while since I’ve done an actual review of anything, but they’ll be back soon I promise!

Little update going into this

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I recently switched my college major (5th time) to sociology so that I can finally graduate this year! Woohoo! It’s actually proving to be a pretty fun and interesting change in my life and I feel like I’ve got a knack for it. I’ve also been getting back into gaming in a big way, so you can look forward to game reviews coming to this site in the near future as well. But perhaps the biggest change lately has been the massive PC I recently acquired and am using to write this post now. No longer will I be bound by the limitations of my nearly 6 year old MacBook Pro. I’ve entered the world of the “PC Master race”.

Now the computer itself is nothing too special. I bought a pre-build on Amazon from CyberpowerPC and it’s… okay. Mostly good for what I need, but I would’ve honestly been better off building one myself both cost and performance wise. But I’m an impulse buyer, and I’ve wanted a gaming PC for years now, so I figured I’d just go for it. And if the title of this post didn’t make one of the main reasons for this purchase obvious, let me explain. is a website where people can go to stream themselves playing games, offering commentary, listen to music, etc etc. Some awesome people from the Rooster Teeth community stream there as well such as GeekyFriedRice and RT_LoZelda. You may have noticed I have tab for it up top since the beginning, but until recently it’s been mostly unused. Now I’d heard about Twitch sometime back in high school, so maybe 2010-11, but it wasn’t until February 12, 2014 that Twitch really affected my life in any major way.

Many of you may be familiar with the events of Twitch Plays Pokemon, but for those not in the know, it was basically an event where thousands of people around the world played a game of Pokemon Red through chat commands. If this all sounds confusing, Dorkly did a great article about it here. Go check it out and come back when you’re done. Don’t worry.. I’ll wait.

Done? Good. So it was probably the next day when this stream was all the talk around campus. I heard people talking about it in the cafe, in the dorms, even a few people (myself included) who would stream it silently in class. It was hilariously frustrating and everyone wanted to be included. But then after what felt like years… the stream ended. We had done it. The hive mind of the internet had actually beaten the Elite Four and was the newest Pokemon master. But I didn’t want my experience with Twitch to end there, so I sought out other channels and quickly realized there is no end to the number of entertaining streams out there.

And I’d like to become one of them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any illusions of becoming a partner and making Twitch my new full time job. I’ve got the energy output of a potato, and I’m fully aware of it. But it’s something I enjoy doing and I’d like to build a community around it like I’m trying to build here. So if you’ll excuse this shameless plug and check out my Twitch channel, I’d greatly appreciate it. And if there are any games you’d like to see my play or if you want to jump in and play R6 Siege, RuneScape classic, or anything else with me, let me know here in the comments, on Twitter @jakecoker, or hey even on Twitch!

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Twitch link updated


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