JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Review

I know what you’re thinking. “Seriously Jake, another JoJo’s review? I think you’ve got a problem.” Well you’d probably be right, but don’t worry as this is the last available season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that’s out right now. So just humor me here okay?

And as always,

Major Spoilers Ahead!

Set in 1999, 11 years after the events of Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro Kujo tracks down Josuke Higashikata, the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar, to help him in seeking out a magical bow and arrow that grants people Stand powers. Along the way, Josuke and his friends discover that a Stand-using serial killer is on the loose in their hometown of Morioh and only they can stop him. – Wikipedia

Starting out, this season takes place in the 4th arc of the JoJo’s storyline with Josuke Higashikata as the new main JoJo (though like Jotaro people almost never call him that). Like all JoJos before him Josuke is usually calm headed, but at times can really fly off the handle — especially when someone insults his hair. He’s also really popular with the ladies and attracts strange friends with similar powers. Oh and he’s also the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar… Yeah you read that right, SON of JOSEPH JOESTAR, technically making his Jotaro’s half-uncle. His stand Crazy Diamond, or Shining Diamond for the English subs, is a short range fighter like Jotaro’s Star Platinum who has the ability to heal other’s wounds and warp the things he touches. His friend Koichi Hirose later receives the ability to use the stand Echoes, or Reverb in the English sub (which is dumb because you can clearly hear him say Echoes), after being shot with the arrow. Around the same time they befriend former enemy Okuyasu Nijimura, who posses the stand The Hand. I actually found these two characters to be really interesting for a number of reasons. Koichi for example reminded me a lot of Gohan in the Dragon Ball Z series, and it’s clear his stand was modeled after Cell. Okuyasu kind of annoyed me at first due to his tacky school uniform and oddly gruff voice, but quickly grew on me for his roll as the lovable idiot. Their stands really stuck out to me as being especially creative with Reverb’s ability to utilize sound as a weapon and The Hand’s ability to seamlessly erase space.

Actually, I was impressed with most of the stands in this season overall. Very few had a generic vibe to them such as an evil hair stand or an electricity stand. Others such as the ones possessed by a chef and a manga artist were unique and interesting, giving them the ability to excel at their craft — though the manga artist’s stand was a little terrifying.

Sadly though, the influx of amazing stands wasn’t enough to win me over on this season. I still missed the great storyline of the first two arcs, or even the fun banter Old Joseph Joestar provided in Stardust Crusaders. So it was a pleasant turn of events when Old-Old Joseph appeared later on in the season. Though now in his late 70s’ or early 80s’, Joseph still manages to steal the spotlight… or at least he would if he was given much screen time. It seems however that they only included him for nostalgia as he’s rarely involved after finding an invisible baby. The real hook for this season comes with the mysterious serial killer Kira, who gives off Death Note vibes for sure, but this guy is actually much creepier. Carrying around a severed hand, several in fact, this guy is one deranged psychopath.

Yoshikage Kira, who’s stand Killer Queen has the ability to turn anything it touches into a bomb. He’s a simple man who only wishes to live a quiet life… Oh and kill women and carry their hands around pretending they’re his girlfriend. A disturbing hobby he’s been performing for over fifteen years. Shortly after being discovered by Josuke’s crew, he’s nearly immediately defeated and runs off to another stand user whom he forces to change his face.

Kira kills Kosaku Kawajiri taking his face and assuming his life by working his job and living with his wife and son. He successfully evaded the JoJo crew and blends in nearly perfectly even winning over Kawajiri’s wife — his son however is not so easily convinced. In fact, it’s Hayato Kawajiri who discovers Kira’s true identity after following him to his first murder since assuming Kosaku’s identity. This leads to an… uncomfortable confrontation in the bath leading Kira to kill Hayato before gaining new powers by absorbing the stand-granting arrow into his body. This new power grants Kira the ability to reverse time by an hour whenever his identity is at risk of being discovered. Now if that isn’t some deus ex bullshit I don’t know what is. I was actually really frustrated by this point in the show, but was also hooked beyond belief.

Somehow acquiring this new ability gave Kira a new hairstyle and several more degrees of confidence. He uses his ability to turn Hayato into a bomb that is activated whenever someone asks about Kira. This is quickly used against the crew’s ally Rohan Kishibe, manga artist and temporary villain. He’s blown up right in front of Hayato causing time to reverse forcing Hayato to relive the same day four times, once actually killing the whole JoJo crew including Jotaro. Fortunately Hayato proves to be intelligent beyond his age and finds a way to trick Kira into exposing his identity himself ultimately leading to his accidental death.

Sadly this is the end of my bizarre adventure watching JoJo’s. As of now, Diamond is Unbreakable is the last season we’ve got, and to be honest it’s also been my least favorite so far. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it took a long time to really get invested in this season and I still don’t really feel like Josuke compares to Joseph or Jotaro. I mean I do like him more than Johnathan, but the season wasn’t as compelling as the first in the least. My biggest critique of this season is actually the same as Stardust Crusaders — It’s just too long. If they were to cut a handful of episodes from the first half I think this season would’ve been much stronger. The fights were more intricate than in Stardust Crusaders, it had a cool villain, almost no one important died permanently, and I think they only killed like two dogs this season. If they had just shortened it and included more Joseph and Jotaro this season would’ve been perfect.

I give JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

4/5 Ridiculous Pompadours

Wait are you Josuke Higashikata? Wait, what’re you doing? Put me down! I’m sorry I’m sorry, please don’t kill me!

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