Music Review: Big Wild – When I Get There

A few month back Jackson, the man behind “Big Wild” released the EP Invincible to the joy of fans and critics alike. Personally I’d never heard any of his music before, but it’s safe to say that after listening to, “When I Get There“, he’ll be on my radar for a while.

It’s funny too because I really don’t listen to much EDM at all. However I guess you could say that this song isn’t your typical EDM track. It’s almost like a negative EDM song in that it plays like it’s in some other spectrum. When I’m ready for the bass to drop, the song just starts.

In an interview with PileRats, Jackson commented on the track:

This track was all about playing with space. I wanted to create an anti-drop and make a drop that was really catchy with as few elements as possible. This attitude towards production and songwriting has been dictating my creative process lately. The big wall of sound in the beginning came from an emotional place and I wanted to translate that to the listener.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I overheard my friend listening to this song. His taste in music is always lightyears ahead of mine, but something about this song just blew me out of the water. Minutes later I was humming the tune without realizing it or remembering where it came from. It stuck with me for days and started driving me crazy. I couldn’t remember where it came from and without lyrics couldn’t look it up.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to hear it again and immediately pulled out my phone to SoundHound it. Now instead of humming the beat to the detriment of those around me, I can just share the song and get everyone hooked. You should see us bobbing our heads to the beat as we drive down the street. A strange sight to behold indeed.

And just like that I’ve done my first short music review. Not all too sure why I felt compelled to review this song — really just stated that I enjoy it in too many words — but anyway..

I give When I Get There

5/5 Oh wadub da dub da dub das’


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