Archer Season 7 Review

Archer, one of the best cartoons aimed at adults in my opinion, just started their eighth season a few weeks back. I used to watch the show religiously when it first aired on FX, but since then I’ve cancelled my cable subscription and have relied on Netflix to keep me updated. Unfortunately, Netflix will always be a season behind television (the world just isn’t ready to drop the dinosaur), so it wasn’t until a few days ago that I was able to watch season seven. But now that I have oooh boy you can expect I’ve got a few things to say about it.

Sterling Archer, the world’s deadliest spy, lives for espionage. In this incredibly humorous animation, he along with his co-workers sabotage one another’s missions and lives just for fun. From espionage to drug dealing and private investigating, they take you into depth of their dysfunctional lives and friendship. – IMDb

Assuming you’re reading this review for the seventh season, I’m going to skip over the basic synopsis for the characters. If you’re not familiar with the show then this review really isn’t for you. It’s a hilarious show and I’d definitely recommend giving it a watch, however this review will be focused on the latest completed season and will contain


Season Seven starts out at the Figgis Agency, the new private investigator headquarters for our protagonists after losing ISIS, getting blacklisted by the CIA and failing as drug dealers. Their first job is to recover a disk for Hollywood starlet Veronica Deane from a lawyer. It’s later exposed however that they were hired by an imposter, and are later hired by the real Veronica Deane to retrieve the disk yet again. After several hijinks including a very elaborate (non)voicemail, they retrieve the disk and live to screw around another day.

Later Archer must confront his high school bullies who’s torture caused him to catch pneumonia from a piss-filled toilet, costing him from going varsity in lacrosse his freshman year. One of the bullies reveals that he has cancer and wants to Archer to kill him in exchange for getting his daughter into PrePreK or PrePre… The twist you ask? Well it turns out he actually hires Archer to kill his business partner — Archer’s other bully. Several gunshots later, Archer and Cyril are driving away full speed and Cyril asks Archer if he’d like to apologize to bullying him. There’s a pretty sweet fight between Archer and his bully leading them both off a cliff. Archer survives and Cyril asks what he’s learned from all this? Nothing of course, as this is one of the main themes of the season. Archer learns nothing. Ever.

We also get an episode with Barry the Cyborg, some creepy clowns looking to rob some jewels, and a Slater episode.

Several of the episodes felt like filler, especially the episode “Double Indecency”, but overall it was a pretty fun season and leaves a great cliffhanger for season eight.

So the season airing now Archer Dreamland has a pretty good setup. I’m not going to give this season a rating because I think the series itself is a 4/5 to 5/5 show. We’ll just have to see where it goes.


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