My first IRL DnD experience

So last night I took a dive into the world of Dungeons and Dragons, and it was an absolute blast. I’ve tried playing before through the website Roll20, but wasn’t able to stay consistent and never really learned any of the rules. Last night was different. I’d met two of the players before at a local game shop, then met the DM and another player who helped me form my character.

I introduce you to Takua, the half-elf ranger, my attempt at creating a Witcher inspired character. He was found as a child by a clan of monster slayers in the southern forests. After a bit of convincing by a monster slayer from the northern clans, the southern clan decided to adopt Takua and raise him as a monster slayer as well. This clan, The School of the Drake, had a tradition of tattooing a full grown monster slayer with their brand — an ouroboros once they’ve succeeded in slaying a large beast on their own. Typically this was done when a man reaches the age of eighteen. Unfortunately, shortly before Takua’s eighteenth birthday he was awoken in the middle of the night to a scream in the room adjacent from his. He rushed in sword branded to see his comrade bleeding out on the floor. He rushed over to help when he saw the silhouette of a man in the window. Takua recognized the figure immediately. It was the northerner who had saved his life all those years ago. His name escaped Takua at the moment, but he could never forget the man’s eyes. The man jumped from the window and Takua rushed over, but couldn’t see the man as he’d disappeared in to the fog. He intended to pursue when he heard his friend coughing blood behind him. He died in Takua’s arms.

The School of the Drake had been slaughtered in the night by a monster. Not the monster they expected, but one much more treacherous. Takua swore an oath of revenge and was determined to find answers. He began his journey taking on any contract he could both for the money and for the experience. He earned the unfortunate nickname of The Lady Slayer when he was ambushed by a horde of harpies in the southern mountains on a contract to kill a wyvern. The wyvern would have been enough to earn his ouroboros, but after slaying seven harpies singlehandedly Takua was deemed the local folk hero received his mark on his left shoulder blade. But his mission to find the man who killed his family always lingers on his mind.

While traveling down the path, Takua encountered three other travelers and decided to follow their party as they seemed to run into steady work. They headed up a mountain, finding a hidden doorway on a narrow slope. After entering, the other travelers fell into a pit and were attacked by a pack of giant rats. Takua was able to pop off a few arrows killing two of them and the third was killed by a rogue by the name of Mous. After passing the pit, the party encountered two dead ice giants and a large diamond behind them. The diamond, Mous and Takua were sure was a trap drew them in regardless causing two gaseous monstrosities to emerge from the ice giants’s corpses. They were later joined by a third and nearly destroyed the party. However just in the nick of time the party crushed the diamond to dust, greatly weakening the monsters and allowing the party to finish them off. They later emerged with hidden treasures and exciting memories.


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