I’ve got blisters on me fingers!

Don’t worry! The podcast will be out a little later today. But in the meantime, I decided a little music in my life wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I picked up this guitar a few days back and decided to once again try learning a bit about one of my favorite instruments in the world. There have been a number of attempts at this in the past, but usually I’d just get tired of practicing once I hit a wall in my progress. My latest attempt was around 2012 when I picked up an electric guitar from Walmart… then sold a few years later when I hadn’t played it up in months.

This is a Kona acoustic guitar which works just great for an amateur like myself — Though with the slogans, “For the most discriminating players”, and, “For musicians, by musicians”, they may not appreciate my saying that. However I like its sound and I think it’s a good fit. Luckily I already know all the basic chords, so it’s much easier jumping back into practice. If I could only learn to actually hear the music so I could learn to play by ear I’d be golden.

So yeah I guess this is going to be a pretty short post today. Do you play guitar? What would you recommend for a beginner like myself? I’ve been watching GuitarJamz on YouTube and looking for exercises online to get a little practice in every day. Think the first song I’m going to learn is Big Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder and maybe Blood Gulch Blues by Trocadero. Do you have any other good songs to recommend?

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