DeviantRED Podcast: I Gotta Get In There!

It’s finally here! The first actual episode of The DeviantRED Podcast or DRP (pronounced derp) for short. After a handful of test episodes I figured it was time to start giving these things titles and putting out the episodes I think sound alright. The current plan is to release every Wednesday and Friday as life permits, so you can look forward to bi-weekly episodes.

This first episode, titled: I Gotta Get In There! features my good friend Nick and I as we talk about the newest shows that are out, our former YouTube channel, some political scandals, Virgin Killer Sweaters, our favorite stuff from Marvel, and two of the best damn abridged series on the internet! *annoying salesman voice* AND MORE!

All jokes aside I’m very happy with how this came out even if it’s a lot longer than I anticipated. You can subscribe here on iTunes or listen below from SoundCloud.


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