Rick and Morty’s Season 3 Surprise Release

Yesterday I mentioned that April Fools is one of my least favorite holidays because of all the fake announcements and jokes, but boy did Justin Roiland and the Rick and Morty team turn that around for me. What started out as a joke soon turned into a reality as the first episode of the new season is now being played on a loop at AdultSwim.com, along with some very interesting commercials in-between. I’ve already watched the new episode four times, and will probably watch it at least once tomorrow. It exceeded expectations — which were already high, and also gave some interesting information about the show’s future.


Here’s the sauce Rick so badly craves


What I really love about this scene is it’s parallel to the end of the first episode of season one. So now we’ve got at least 9 more seasons and 97 years of Rick and Morty! And if that’s not enough to get you pumped over the new season, how about this;



Now admittedly, Rick later explains that this is all a fake origin story. However, it’s not clear whether or not some of it is true. Rick’s wife, Diane, for instance is probably portrayed accurately. It’s unclear if she’ll be shown again, but I’m willing to bet this season will probably touch on what actually happened to her. Especially now that Jerry is (temporarily?) out of the picture. Speaking of which, I’m thinking about doing a blog post about how Beth might actually be worse than Jerry after this episode. Maybe we’ll have a debate about it on the podcast, but this episode has definitely got me thinking about it.

If all that still wasn’t enough to get you overly like tweeker-who-just-got-his-fix kind of hyped, you’re probably just not a fan of Rick and Morty. Which is okay, if your type of humor is more along the lines of chickens crossing roads and nothing racier. But for the rest of us, this surprise release has been a long awaited Ricksend. Especially with the cheeky after-credits reveal of our cybernetic friend Bird Person Phoenix Person.

So yeah it was a pretty crazy April 1st this year, and probably my favorite since Rooster Teeth became a thing 14 long years ago. Should also note Season 15 of Red vs Blue starts later today! I simply can’t wait for more Rick and Morty to come out and blow my mind. What do you guys think about the first episode? Any theories about where this season is headed?


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