No podcast today, but…

I got some bad news last night. I was let go from my serving job, and to be honest, it’s for the best. Admittedly I am horrible at it and while I’m not proud of that I am relieved to no longer be doing it. However today I simply couldn’t bring myself to record the podcast because all I could think about was losing my job. You can still expect to see an episode up Friday — in fact it should be the first “official” episode if everything goes according to plan. You shouldn’t expect me to talk much, if at all, about my job however. I’ve already got some other things lined up and I don’t want to turn the podcast into a pity party.

So onto happier topics. As you may know by now with virtually all of my previous posts, I am a major Witcher nerd. Well I received some amazing news today that I’ve finally been given access to the closed beta for Gwent on the Xbox One. You can see a few of my streams up on Twitch right now. Keep in mind I’m still new to Twitch, so my videos aren’t as polished as I’d like yet. But either way it was a blast playing the enhanced version of Gwent that was introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

EDIT: I’ve also uploaded one of my Gwent plays onto YouTube.

I also finished the latest Witcher book today which was simultaneously a very happy and sad moment. Sapkowski really stumbled upon something special with this series, and I hope he continues them some day. In the meantime I’ll have to wait until next summer for the next anthology release.

And that’s about it for today tonight. Really gotta stop with these 2am posts.


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