Building a community

I just got out of my marketing class and it really got me thinking about how I’ve used social media lately. We’re reading “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk, which is basically a book about building your personal brand and how to market yourself. Personally I consider it a little generic as there are thousands upon thousands of similar books. That said however, Vaynerchuk makes some pretty solid points — especially in regards to how one should interact with their community.

Now this blog is still in its infancy, so there’s really no need to rush things. However, I’ve been thinking about the social media aspects of this blog and how to make it more community friendly. It would be nice if it had it’s own social media platform, but for the meantime I think it would be easier to create a dialogue through something like Twitter. Sure it has the comment section below, but do people often use that comment section? I’m fairly sure it requires you to sign in through WP and I don’t honestly know anyone who just surfs random WP pages in search of new blogs to read.

I’ll still gladly read and reply to any comments on these blogs, but for everyone else’s convenience I’m also on Twitter @jakecoker if that’s easier for anyone. I’m realizing I’ve always asked others to start a dialogue, but today that’s going to change. From now on I’m going to be more engaging and put my socially awkward ass out there..

Really should’ve phrased that one better.

Also before I go, there’s a new logo for the DeviantRED Podcast and we’re up on iTunes! Check it out!


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