Like books?

So do I apparently. Besides the fact that I’ve written a couple of posts about Lady of the Lake, the latest Witcher book I’ve been reading recently, I went out today and made quite a few literary purchases. Every once in a great while, I feel this strange urge to check out my local pawn shops and antique stores. I’m not sure why, but my guess is that I have the soul of an old man who knows his days are numbered. Anywho, today I decided to go into a store I’ve never been to — An antique store with a heavy religious tone to it. Honestly, I was a little concerned I would burst into flames upon entry.

Luckily I came and went without much trouble. I found a book about American history with an amazing leather binding that I bought for around $4 both for it’s cover and for the amazing photos contained inside. Also, realizing I’m nearly caught up with the Witcher series was fortunate enough to find the Lord of the Rings trilogies for $7. A steal if I’ve ever seen one. My favorite find however came in the form of three books which were the collections of Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Shakespeare, and Victor Hugo. Each were only $5, and I’m especially glad to finally have Emerson’s collection as he’s been one of my favorite authors since early childhood.

It’s been some time since I’ve really gone on a reading binge, but lately I’ve really seemed to enjoy it. And while I’m sure it will take months, if not years, for me to finish all of the books I’ve collected lately I’m always on the search for great new series or singles. If you’ve got a favorite book or series you’d like to suggest, feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Worst case scenario I learn about something new!

Thanks for reading,



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