More Wine, Witcher, and Woes

Roughly two-thirds of my way through the latest Witcher book — Lady of the Lake, and I’m becoming quite conflicted. Part of me wants to power through the whole book quickly, but another wants to savor every single page. I did a little research and found that the author, Sapkowski, hasn’t released a new book (this one) of the saga since 1999. I’m only reading it now because it was just released in English earlier this month. He has however, released a new book with short stories about the Witcher, but who knows how long until it’s translated from it’s native Polish?

That said, I am giddy with excitement that there will be another book with short stories about our favorite Witcher Geralt that’s supposed to take place within the stories in The Last Wish. The short stories were some of the best in my opinion because it follows Geralt on his monster slaying adventures instead of following the slow main plot of destiny.

But enough about the White Wolf, there’s so much more going on in the world right now. Before I jump into the heavy stuff however, I’d like to touch on a lighter note. A soft rosé wine by Ruinite which is truly sweet, delicious, and perhaps most importantly — cheap. You can get a jug of the stuff for around $15 and it tastes even better in a glass goblet one could buy from Walmart for approximately $2.

Now for the heavy stuff. As most of you are probably aware, there was a terrorist attack yesterday in London in which Khalid Masood drove into a crowd of civilians, killing 4 and hospitalizing 29 people. Masood, born Adrian Elms, then exited the vehicle and stabbed an unarmed police officer and was later shot and killed by police. On the bright side, Britain is has a sense of great strength and taking a, “business as usual”, approach showing that they will not cower in terror to the Islamic State, which has claimed to be responsible for Wednesday’s attack.

Personally I commend Britain for their response, as fear and reckless action are exactly what terrorist groups strive for when undergoing these attacks. Their power comes from fear, and when you take that away from them they are no more powerful than a bunch of repressed, sexually pent up keyboard jockeys who desire infamy over the slightest bit of work towards making the world a better place to live. As for this Khalid Masood, all I can say about him is that he sounds like a major cunt.

Well great, now I’m in a bad mood. Luckily my friend Nick is dropping by in a few minutes and we’ll be recording the 4th episode of the DeviantRED Podcast. You can look forward to hearing that in the early AM of tomorrow.

EDIT: So the podcast is recorded and up. You can listen to it below. You know, if you want. I’m not going to tell you what to do or anything.


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