Director – Rian Johnson

The basic storyline of Looper isn’t that basic. In the future, there is a crime syndicate that sends it’s enemies to the past to have their bodies disposed of. Once a new crime boss comes into power, he has the people in the past who’s jobs it is to kill these enemies kill their future selves. Confused yet? Right well one person fails to kill his future self and finds himself protecting the future crime boss from his future self. What he doesn’t know if how dangerous the child is seeing as he has telekinesis. Oh did I forget to mention that? Right, about 10% of the population by the year 2074 are supposed to have telekinesis or TK. But it’s usually just a small amount, and this child has a freak ton. After a lot of gun fire, the main character realizes that the only way to change the future is to kill himself in the present. Thus making a brighter future. 

I liked this film because it was very clever and it was a classic Bruce Willis action film. While it had it’s short comings it really made me think about time travel in a different way than before. 

I did however, have a problem with this film in that there were many loose ends in the film that weren’t ever really explained. What happened to his future wife, why couldn’t he just kill his future self, and what happens in the future to the child? More questions came from this movies than answers.

I would recommend this film, but at the same time I would probably tell the person that it won’t likely live up to the hype a lot of people give it. Had the movie been planned out for another 2 years I think it would have been a lot better. 


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