Taxi Driver


Director – Martin Scorsese

The basic story of Taxi Driver is that a young man named Travis Bickle played by Robert DeNiro suffers from insomnia and gets a job as a night cabbie. During this time he sleeps very little and starts to observe the places that he drives people to. He becomes disgusted at the people, or scum that litter the streets and sets out on a personal vendetta to clean up the streets. During this quest he kills a man robbing a convenience store and takes down a small group of pimps and saves a girl from a life of prostitution. He also attempts to assassinate a U.S. senator who’s running for president, but has to run from the secret service before he pulls his gun. Some of the plot points weren’t very clear, but it really seemed like it was following a realistic person as opposed to a character. 

I watched this movie online in my room. I chose this film because I was interested in seeing what Robert DeNiro was like in his early acting career. I liked that the film followed DeNiro’s character as if he were a real person. He let his thoughts flow as dialogue as though I were really in the character’s head. Few movies have that much insight into a character. I wasn’t too crazy about the movie’s ending where he’s a hero and turns down the girl that he was chasing in the beginning of the movie. It seemed a little unrealistic that he even survived his gunshot wounds and was oddly optimistic for the movie. I would recommend this film because it was different. It’s not that this movie was great, but it made me reflect a little. The character is very relatable and gives the viewers a bit of a relief to see the similarities in their thoughts and the characters. Basically, it was an interesting movie. 


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