The Big Lebowski


Director – Joel Coen

The basic story is that Jeffrey Lebowski or (The Dude) gets tangled up in the fake kidnapping of Jeffrey Lebowski’s (The Big Lebowski’s) wife and has his rug pissed on. Of all the movies I’ve seen so far this year, the only to rival it in terms of plot twists would have to be “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. It’s hard to explain this movie’s plot, because I’m not entirely sure there ever was one. In the end, The Big Lebowski embezzled a million dollars, and a crazy lady lost a toe. 

I saw this movie with some friends at their house. I chose this film because it’s been recommended to me so many times. I liked the writing and acting for this film. It’s not one of my new favorites, but it was very interesting and surprising considering it’s so different from the people who recommended it to me. I wasn’t however, very crazy about the plot. As nice as the writing was, I felt like so much of it was just a waste. This movie won’t really stick out to me in the future, and I feel like the repetition of some funny one-liners is all I’ll really take from it. I would recommend this film, but not for the same reason as so many other films I’ve seen before. More or less, I would recommend it for a laugh. It’s funny, thought provoking, and clever. But it never drew me in as much as so many other movies have before. 


One thought on “The Big Lebowski

  1. Remember the plot is the action as it is played out in front of you as a viewer so summarizing the plot is as simple as telling us what happens from scene to scene. Summarizing the story may be a little harder because you then have to make sense of all of the twists and turns the plot takes you on.

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