Director – Ben Affleck

Argo is centered around the true story of six Americans who are in hiding in Iran after an Iranian revolution in 1980. The movie covers their elaborate escape by the CIA and the difficulties they faced making it out. There are few realistic movies based on true events that contain half the suspense of this movie.

Since I saw the trailer a few weeks ago I knew I had to go buy this movie. That’s why I got to watch it on my television in the comfort of my own room. I chose this film because while I’m not a history buff, I enjoy learning about magnificent events in human history. How the spirit can overcome and how justice can be attained are some of the themes that circle around my favorite movies, which Argo is now among. I liked everything about this film. The acting is amazing, especially by Bryan Cranston who played Jack O’Donnell. The plot is genius, of course it’s just a dramatization of a true story so I can’t give the writers all the credit. I honestly had no complaints about this movie other than that it didn’t get the publicity it deserved. Now as to wether or not I would recommend this film goes without saying. Hell yes I would recommend this film. Excuse my language eh.


One thought on “Argo

  1. Need some more synopsis here. There is a lot going on in this film and you don’t even mention that in order to escape, the house guests and CIA agent posed as a film scouting crew.

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