Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

IMDb –

Director – Shane Blake

The story revolves around a young Robert Downey Jr. playing Harry Lockhart who’s ironically a young new actor. He gets mixed up in a murder/suicide mystery while trying to get acting lessons from a detective friend. What he doesn’t (at first) realize is that the girl who’s been killed is actually a very important young woman and causes a few plot twists in the story. With Robert Downey Jr. narrating the movie as past events, it gives the reader a limited point of view because their all his memories. This method creates a very interesting story, because it allows certain information to be leaked throughout the film for ending. 

Watched online in my dorm room after my neighbor recommended it. I chose this film to see how a young Robert Downey Jr. without acting lessons did. I liked the style of narration in this film because it added comedy and valuable information. I wasn’t however as fond of several of the characters. I guess that part doesn’t matter as much, but some of the characters were just easily forgettable. Take Gay Perry for instance. Some funny one liners, but that’s about all. I would definitely recommend this film seeing as how well done it is. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to see it. 


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