1. My favorite film for scenic and costume design would probably be Catch Me If You Can.

IMDb link released in 2002

Director – Steven Spielberg

Production Designer – Jeannine Oppewall

Art Director –  Sarah Knowles

Costume Designer – Mary Zophres

What I love about this film’s design is that it follows the main character Frank Abagnale Jr., a real life counterfeit artist, from the time he’s a teenager to the time he’s hired by the FBI. During that time, Frank changes not just his name, but also his style and taste. The designers gave Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor playing Frank, clothes that really spoke someone with money. He’d wear nice suits, buy nice cars, houses, toys, etc. They had to dress him up as a doctor, lawyer, and James Bond wannabe. It required a vast amount of money and styles. 

As for movies and actors that really sell the roles, I always go to Into the Wild. Emile Hirsch really sold the role of Christopher McCandless to me, and I was surprised to see how deeply into the role he went for the film. The clothes he wore, the hair style, or lack thereof, and even losing extreme amounts of weight to appear malnourished. I picture him more as McCandless than the actual man. 

Then on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are movies like Twilight where the acting just isn’t believable at all. I mean if you found out the guy/girl you were attracted to was a vampire I’d hope that you’d have some sort of reaction to it. 

When choosing a favorite actor I had a lot of trouble deciding. But ultimately, I’d have to say that my favorite actor is Tom Welling. He played Clark Kent for 10 years on the TV show Smallville, and has truly become the face of Superman for me. He’s also been in a few films that he’s less known for such as Cheaper by the Dozen, but every time I see him on screen I know I’m going to enjoy what I’m seeing. 

An example of stylized acting I immediately go to Nicolas Cage for an over-the-top style actor. I’m not saying that he can’t act, I’m just saying that he could tone it down some. From Ghost Rider to Knowing, Nick Cage has over-expressed himself so many times that it can really ruin a movie. In fact, Knowing was my absolute least favorite film until the latest Twilight movie that actually made me leave the theater. But although Nick Cage goes a little too deep in several of his films, I still can’t help but appreciate him as an actor. He’s been in several great movies such as the National Treasure movies, 8mm, and Next. Overall he’s still a good actor.


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